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Why Me?

Behind the Business


Hi I'm Valerie the groomer and owner of Barking Mad Grooming.I have been grooming for many years and am 1 of only 2 Master groomers on the North Shore, an achievement that takes a minimum of 4 years study. I have owned many different breeds of dogs and have gone through the circle of life bring puppies into the world with my Wheaten Terrier's,to helping my old dog Sultan 16 to cross the rainbow bridge.
All dogs are precious to me and I want every dog to enjoy being pampered in a stress free safe environment that is the main reason I opened Barking Mad Grooming. I worked in many salons prior to opening Barking Mad were the emphasis was put on quantity not quality of service. I decided that this style of work was not for me and as soon as the opportunity arose I grabbed it and have never been happier. Having over 50 years experience with dogs I have obtained a wealth of knowledge which I try to help those who are new to the dog ownership experience. Also to be frank you will more than likely see me more than your vet so it is my responsibility to keep an eye on any changes that occur between your dogs visits to me.

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