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Stress less and Safe

Why did I open Barking Mad Grooming?A fair question but an easy answer. The emphasis in my salon is stress-less grooming.I like to think the dogs I groom enjoy the experience as much as I enjoy pampering them. I have no holding crates, the dogs run free either playing with each other or playing with the toys until I begin the grooming process.I have no clocks in my salon as I groom on dog time. On occasions especially with senior dogs they need a break during the grooming process so I text when your fur child is ready for pick-up. If he /she is tired after being groomed then there is always the armchair or 1 of the beds to chill out on till Mum or Dad comes to pick them up. 

All dogs have different needs and I am able to accommodate most of these,from the shy and timid to the young and full on.I will show you how you can maintain your dogs coat at home and how he will love you for it. 

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Your fur child takes priority as they are the most important. To this end all my records are kept in your dogs name as they are the client.A lot of my clients are booked for the year,so I send out reminder emails the week of the groom and a text the evening prior to the groom to us very busy humans owners, this way  my clients don't miss their groom.
I groom all dogs from a Chihuahua to a Burmese Mountain dog and everything in between. All dogs need to be professionally groomed and I am very happy to do this.I can groom pet style or breed standard which ever you prefer.
My goal is to provide the best experience possible in a safe and caring environment while I pamper your precious pet.-

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Salon: Photo Gallery
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